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I am a former TV news reporter, married to a USMC veteran. I have transitioned my work to independent media analysis, focusing on bias and free speech issues, both on-air and online.
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QUESTIONS? Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, The Great Barrington Declaration & how the press drove COVID policy

QUESTIONS? Jay Bhattacharya, MD, PhD, is my guest tomorrow. He is an author of the Great Barrington Declaration criticizing Covid policy, signed by nearly a million scientists around the world. I am sharing this article in MedPage Today because it says neither he, nor his co-authors, returned request for comment, which always catches my eye because it makes me wonder if the person was given ample time, opportunity or they really chose to disengage. The article states, "a professor of medicine and economics at Stanford University, was an early vocal opponent of coronavirus lockdowns beginning in early March. In a March 24 opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal when statewide lockdowns were beginning, Bhattacharya and a co-author questioned the severity of the virus, stating that universal quarantines may not be worth the costs to the economy, social life, and population health."

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Testing custom RTMP || Editorial Board Meeting 2-4-23

Bring your story ideas and feedback as we test Locals RTMP with a special guest!

Live chatted 02/03/2023
Pilot's message after cardiac arrest || Cpt. Robert Snow

Cpt. Robert Snow suffered cardiac arrest minutes after landing an American Airlines flight. He had received the Covid vaccine several months prior in order to maintain his employment. He now has a message for the airline industry and government regulators.
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Live chatted 02/01/2023
Journalists pressured to say "climate emergency" || Todd Myers

Journalists are now being pressured to say "climate emergency" instead of climate change. Todd Myers is Environmental Director at the Washington Policy Center and Author of "Time to Think Small: How Nimble Environmental Technologies Can Solve the Planet's Biggest Problems."

Today’s livestream production team

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I found out why my YouTube channel is growing again

Watch this video at about 9 min 30 seconds. I was a little surprised that perhaps YouTube was recommending my content again - but we can all rest assured that is not the case! 🤷🏼‍♀️

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