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I am a former TV news reporter, married to a USMC veteran. I have transitioned my work to independent media analysis, focusing on bias and free speech issues, both on-air and online.
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The Orange & The Green 🇮🇪 : my family heritage

I shared in yesterday’s editorial board meeting that my great grandfather was a young man when his family left Belfast. I mentioned my family came from the Protestant side of the mounting religious conflict between Catholics and Protestants, so we wear orange on St Patrick’s Day. My mom followed up with the following:

“The Irish Civil War of the 1920s was "resolved " By a partition of the country Into 26 counties green and six northeast counties orange, under English rule.

This was unacceptable to many, which ultimately led to the Irish Republican Army and the terrorism of the 1970s against the English government, known as the Troubles. 30 years of urban guerrilla terrorism which was brought to an end in 1998 with the Good Friday accords.

John Black and family emigrated at the beginning of the Irish civil disturbances back in 1906 when he was 16 years old. Anne Murray Black and her husband, John Black , (Your great, great grandfather) left Belfast with six of their nine children (the ...

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The future as a "digital concentration camp" || Catherine Austin Fitts

Catherine Austin Fitts was Asst Secretary of Housing during the HW Bush administration. She says she has been poisoned 8 times and thus began going "very public" with her concerns over fraud and missing federal money in order to stay alive. She details a grim future if there is no resistance - one where our cars and homes will be "digital concentration camps." She also gives some ideas about how to stop it.

Why minerals are the body's spark plugs || Dr. Nina-Marie Rueda

Dr. Nina-Marie Rueda is a Naturopathic Physician who gave a talk called "Balancing Tiny Explosions" at the Wise Traditions Conference. It was all about the role minerals play in our health, likening them to a car's spark plugs.

How to save small farms || Alex Miller / Lick Skillet Farm

Alex Miller is a 7th generation farmer and heads Lick Skillet Farm, a regenerative farm in East Tennessee (coincidentally just outside my old TV news market of Knoxville - so he watches my WBIR co-workers). He farms the land his grandfather bought 100 years ago. He gave a presentation at Wise Traditions about how food prices may be going up, but the average farmer is getting paid the same or less due to the corporatization of food. He has a top 3 "TO DO" list for consumers who want to save small farms.

Viva Frei on the Farm is LIVE!

Check out our visit with Viva and his son - with the most memorable moments. HINT: he had a “ball”!

QUESTIONS? 3 years since FTC shut doctor down

Dr David Brownstein was one of the first censored doctors I ever interviewed in 2020, targeted by the FTC for Covid protocol he posted on his own website. Any questions for him?

2 hours ago

A Different View of the New Zealand COVID Shot Whistleblower.

Video starts at the 47:39 mark.

EyesIsWatchin Podcast #123 - Cyber-Plandemic, Depopulation Agenda Confirmed, Climate Hoax Exposed

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