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I am a former TV news reporter, married to a USMC veteran. I have transitioned my work to independent media analysis, focusing on bias and free speech issues, both on-air and online.
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Happy Thanksgiving to my esteemed editorial board!

I hope everyone celebrating had a relaxing day, I am certainly thankful for each of you! When the food coma wears off, I'd like your input. I saw the article below on FOX News and both the TODAY Show video they highlight, as well as their criticism of it, rubbed me the wrong way. The TODAY video seems to say, "don't worry about the system, just give up what doesn't work in it" while the FOX criticism seems to say, "the system is fine, just too expensive right now because of Biden et al." The video I'm hoping to make is one that gives a solution: "create a new system." I want to use our relationship with our local turkey farmers as an example, so Lynn asked them a few questions when he picked up the bird. Basically, I left corporate news, I left corporate food, and I am finding great value on the "other side" of centralization. I am just having trouble making a clear connection between the news analysis and my farmers. What pattern or bridge do you see?

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Live chatted 01/30/2023
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The IRS is "reminding" people that they must "answer a digital asset question and report all digital asset-related income" when filing 2022 tax returns. Chris Whalen CPA is here to answer questions. FULL LIVESTREAM IS ONLY AVAILABLE HERE with Whalen's answers to your questions.

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Documenting the Covid vaccine injured || Jennifer Sharp

Those injured by the Covid vaccines are telling their stories in the documentary, "Anecdotals". Jennifer Sharp is the director and joins me to discuss it.

QUESTIONS? Journalists need to say “climate emergency”

There is new pressure on journalists to start using the term “climate emergency”. Todd Myers is coming on tomorrow to discuss. He is Environmental Director at the Washington Policy Center and gets more side-eye in Seattle than anyone I ever interviewed about the environment. He was the first person who ever emailed me to say “hey plastic bag bans don’t do what the politicians claim.” He is also author of “Time to Think Small: How Nimble Environmental Technologies Can Solve the Planet's Biggest Problems.” Any questions for Todd?

QUESTIONS? IRS "reminder" about digital currency

Thankfully the IRS is always here to REMIND us about what we owe them! Here is their latest "reminder". Chris Whalen CPA is on tomorrow to discuss plus take your tax/finance questions. Leave them here. See ya at 1230P ET Monday!

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