Alison Morrow
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I am a former TV news reporter, married to a USMC veteran. I have transitioned my work to independent media analysis, focusing on bias and free speech issues, both on-air and online.
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Independent video creator Matt Orfalea just found out YouTube has demonetized his entire channel over a 13-second parody video from May 2014, saying it violates the “violent criminal organizations” policy. The video titled “Starbucks makes you evil | Elliot Rodger” features a clip of the deceased UC Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger drinking a Starbucks vanilla latte and saying: “Hey, Elliot Rodger here, enjoying a nice vanilla latte.” It ends with a graphic that says "Starbucks: Insanely overpriced beverages for psychopaths." In a tweet, Orfalea explained, "I’m obviously making fun of materialism, corporations, and narcissists. NOT organizing a violent criminal organization!!!!!!"

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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